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Obama Heckled AGAIN, Really Needs to Go Carlin or Hicks on These People

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on May 9, 2014

A heckler interrupted President Obama during the end of a speech to the Democratic National Committee in California on Thursday night. “I love you back,” Obama said. “You kinda screwed up my ending, but that’s okay.”


Yeah yeah, freedom of speech, but for a guy who people call the most powerful man in the world, the president has been heckled way too often during his time in the White House. He can’t throw ’em in the gulags, but dude needs a better approach to put a stop to these folks. He needs some deterrent. He needs to go Stand-Up Heckler Response.

Something like how George Carlin did it back in his day:

Or go nuclear, like how Bill Hicks did it:

Jimmy Carr also offers up this more subtle gem:

Heck, Obama could even take a page from Chris Christie:

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[banner photo by AP/Susan Walsh]
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