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#deBlasiosNewYork: This Woman Gave Birth on a NYC Sidewalk

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on February 25, 2014

Some women take hours, or days, to give birth, while others just pop ’em out on the sidewalk. A woman on Manhattan’s Upper East Side left her building on Monday to, you know, go have a baby, but she couldn’t make it any further than the nearest corner before the baby began to slide down the chute.

Her doorman had walked with her to grab a taxi to the hospital, but the baby was ready to GTFO out of there. So the woman got down on the ground and started what some might call the beautiful experience of child birth.

As luck would have it, a camera crew from the local Fox affiliate was nearby shooting another story, and they were able to capture the crazy episode on film. (Don’t worry, totally SFW.)

One eyewitness described the scene.

“She was like, ‘oh, my God, the baby’s coming’,” one witness said. “And then I could see the baby’s head coming out.”

If you’re wondering, the baby was a girl, and she and mom are doing well at Lenox Hill Hospital. This is the third child for the woman (so, curious why she didn’t know to go to the hospital sooner), but all’s well that ends well!

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[via My Fox NY]
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