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Naughty America Will Take Your Unwanted Gift Cards In Exchange For Porn

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 3, 2014

Starbucks gift cards are excellent for filling your daily mocha choca skinny no-sugar chai latte, but you know what they’re even better for? Porn.

Naughty America, a porn site for all your MILF porn needs, is accepting your unwanted holiday gift cards as payment for their sexii services. So why are they doing this? Because according to the site’s founder Andreas Hronopoulos, these colors don’t run.

“Nothing says America like the freedom of choice,” Hronopoulos said. “This is a great deal for the holidays. Instead of using a gift card for a $5 coffee, you’re getting a porn subscription.”

Basically, the more $5 Applebees gift cards your Aunt Susan stuffed in your stocking, the more lube tube you can watch. Everyone wins!

For the low price of $25 you’ll get 24 days of access to Naughty America’s 5,000+ videos. If you’re feeling extra wealthy or extra frisky or both, $50 will get you 48 days of access and $200 will get you 612.

Before you go cleaning out the drawer that serves as the land of unwanted gift cards, make sure to check they accept your specific cards. While Best Buy, Home Depot and Walmart are A-okay, you’ll have to use your iTunes card for actual music.

So next time you’re pissed that your lazy, uninspired family member got you a gift card, just remember that their dullness can be your gain!

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