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Meth Lab Operator Busted, His T-Shirt Should Have Been Dead Giveaway

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on February 26, 2014

We’ve seen our fair share of Life Imitating Breaking Bad over the past year, like a real-life guy named Walter White who got 12 years in prison after a meth-related gunfight in his driveway, and the million-dollar Florida meth stash found with a Walter White keychain.

This dude is only the latest fanboy to get pinched for running a meth lab: “Acting on a tip, police say they busted a meth lab at a home near LaGrange and arrested a man already on electronic monitoring for running a lab last summer,” according to the Chicago Tribune. Okay, NOW LOOK AT THAT SHIRT.

via Chicago Tribune

via Chicago Tribune

Los Pollos Hermanos! Like Charles Ramsey says, “DEAD GIVEAWAY.

via Chicago Tribune

via Chicago Tribune

Tip Your Waitress, But Not With an Envelope Full of Homemade Meth
Bro Hug GIF: Aaron Paul & Giancarlo Esposito, Embracing Bad

A bit more from the Tribune:

Inside the home, officers found glass beakers, burners, chemicals, instructional materials for making controlled substances and 12 jars of psychedelic mushrooms, the office said.

In July, Kowalski was placed on electronic monitoring after sheriff’s police found a suspected methamphetamine lab at his home and arrested him, according to the sheriff’s office.

On Monday, two other men were found inside the home and were later released without charges, the office said.

Stop making it so easy, guys.

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