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Not One But Two Suspects Jumped In a River to Escape Police Chase

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 10, 2014

Jumping into a body of water to escape police worked for Dr. Richard Kimble, but chances are it won’t work for you.

Our first jumper comes from the east Portland suburb of Troutdale, where police say 26-year-old Rebecca Humphries was driving a stolen Ford Taurus. She sped away when cops tried to pull her over. When Humphries reached the Stark Street Bridge over the Sandy River, KGW reports, she jumped out of the moving vehicle, climbed over the barrier and hopped in.

Awesome dash cam footage, that. Humphries was eventually fished out of the water, treated for minor injuries and charges with numerous crimes.

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Across the country in North Carolina, divers spent Thursday searching for another suspect who dove into the river to escape police, and either 37-year-old Hubert “Doug” Carrillo managed to pull a Kimble and escape, or more likely, he met his end in the Cape Fear River.

“The incident started around midnight when Fayetteville Police received a report about an armed robbery at a Kangaroo convenience store,” ABC11 reports. After a stop-and-chase, including a moment when the suspect let his girlfriend out of the car, “Carrillo then led police on a chase to a dead end near his Medina Road home before jumping out of the vehicle. He then ran into a wooded area, and officers chased after him. During their search, police said Carrillo intentionally jumped into the Cape Fear River.”

Two officers jumped into the river in an effort to save Carrillo, but were unable to reach him. The search continues for Carillo’s body, dead or alive.

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