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Ho, Snap! Hong Kong Lawmaker Caught Creeping During Parliament Session

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on February 27, 2014

Hong Kong lawmaker Albert Ho did not heed the lessons of politicians before him who thought it was cool to view sexually explicit content while in session.

Ho was caught perusing photos of barely clothed women during a parliamentary session on Wednesday while the finance minister delivered some boring-ass speech about budgets. He claims he just “casually saw the photos” while the speech droned on for an hour and a half, but ATV reporter Brittyn Clennett had a different story.

Ho promised to not “commit such a mistake again,” and we’re pretty sure he means that. Who would want to go through this again?

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This isn’t the first time a politician has used a government body to look at other types of bodies. In 2012, three Indian politicians were caught on camera passing around a media gallery on a cellphone of women dancing, then “being raped by four men.” They claim it was “research” about the governmental matter at hand, a case about rave parties. No one was impressed by their lame excuse, and the three stepped down.

And in 2011, in an even more ironic case, an Indonesian lawmaker who had championed an anti-porn law was caught watching sexually explicit videos on a tablet during a parliamentary debate. Bush League, man.

So as compared to these past cases out of India and Indonesia, Ho’s indiscretion doesn’t seem so terrible. But maybe it will serve as a final warning to others that creeping should be done in private.

[via Business Insider]
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