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Hitler’s Toilet For Sale: So You Can Poop Where Adolf Pooped

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 13, 2014

Pooping is already disgusting business, but now you can make it even more disgusting by buying a toilet once belonging to one of the most disgusting men in history. World War II memorabilia buffs, Nazi sympathizers and weirdos alike now have the distinct opportunity to purchase Adolf Hitler’s toilet from a car repair garage in New Jersey.

The porcelain crap collector was originally installed on the Aviso Grille — which sounds like a restaurant at the mall but was actually the official German State yacht — in a room adjacent to Hitler’s. It was previously found in 1951 in a scrap yard, until it eventually ended up in the hands and the butt of Greg Kohfeldt of Greg’s Auto Repair in Florence, New Jersey.

hitler toilet 1

[pic via The Daily Mail]

The best part is that Greg and his crew use this very toilet for their daily droppings. A good toilet is a terrible thing to waste. But time and feces have not been kind to this toilet, and Greg is looking for some quick cash.

‘The toilet is getting a bit long in the tooth now. It still works well, the Germans knew how to build things back then.’

Definitely. The Nazis deserve some freakin’ credit, yeah?!

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But Greg is serious about moving this thing, and says if the right offer comes along then he’ll part with the historical receptacle.

‘Not many people can say they have used the same throne as the most evil man in history, can they?’

Not many, Greg. An elite group, indeed.

But there definitely is money to be had: A desk used by Hitler once sold for about $400,000. He admits the toilet hasn’t been cleaned a whole lot over the years, used mostly by disgusting men, but he seems hopeful that there’s someone gross enough out there to come buy this booty.

[via The Daily Mail & @_cooper]
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