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New Gun Safety PSA: Hide Your Gun Better Than Your Sex Toys

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Neda Semnani

By Neda Semnani on June 27, 2014

Pro-gun-responsibility group, Evolve’s message is simple: Let us not be a nation of irresponsible dumbasses. Let us embrace responsibility and lock up our guns, so children can’t get their hands on them, and then shoot them, and then hurt (or kill!) themselves or others.

Their latest public service announcement is more pointed. Parents, kids play with anything they can get their hands on, like vibrators, so lock up your guns.

The video, posted Thursday to YouTube, shows a mother picking up her son after a playdate. She is chatting to the host mother outside the door of the house. Then, the two boys come racing past the women into the yard wielding two good-sized Jack Rabbit vibrators like swords. Oh, the embarrassment.

The attempt to bring lightness to a heavy topic is much appreciated, but equating a sex toy to firearm seemed more than a little bit weird.

HyperVocal contacted several Washington, D.C., sex shops to see if the clerks at the stores felt that their merchandise was the equivalent to firearm. Each one was confused and one hung up for even suggesting such a thing.

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[banner image via flickr/Mstreetman]
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