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‘George W. Bush’ Dropped by a Mississippi Church, Confuses Parishioners

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on April 2, 2014

Today is, thankfully, April 2nd. The most annoying day of the year — April Fools’ Day — has come and gone. Monday and the hours leading up to it brought out all the fools, and all the fools believing the fools, and some such fools showed up to an event on Sunday at a Mississippi church where they were told a very special guest would be attending. News leaked that the cat painter himself, former President George W. Bush, was scheduled to drop by.

It couldn’t be, right? NO, it couldn’t be. It’s April Fools’ eve and you attend a church in the middle of nowhere. Why, under any circumstances, would George W. Bush be coming by. Alas, congregants of Bethlehem Community Church put on their Sunday best and went to see the ol’ Commander in Chief. But gosh, golly, darnit, it turned out it wasn’t el presidente at all, but an impersonator named John Morgan. A Florida man, of course.


Some attendees thought it was pretty LOL and still had a great time, while others were incensed and outraged [that they could be so easily duped].

“Lying church! Remind me to never go there!” Deborah Crawford posted on the newspaper’s Facebook page.

Ms. Crawford does have a point: People seek solace and peace at church, and perhaps it’s best, from a trust perspective, not to lie to the community. But churches are known for perpetuating some very interesting fiction.

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