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Adorable Teen Couple Who Both Underwent Gender Reassignment Breaks Up

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 10, 2014

Katie Hill, 19, and Arin Andrews, 17, shared their sweet love story with the world in a video released in November 2012. On the surface it sounded like a typical young love story, but the twist is that the Oklahoma teens have both had gender reassignment surgery. You know, boy becomes girl, girl becomes boy, boy and girl fall in love, and we all find happiness in their happiness.

via Barcroft Media

via Barcroft Media

But after a year of courtship, the adorable and attractive teens have decided to call it quits. They said they’re splitting so they can focus on having fun and enjoying the single life. According to Arin:

‘The real reason is that we are just growing up and we need to focus more on ourselves instead of our relationship.’

But don’t worry: Katie says they’ll still be friends.

‘We think that’s what’s important is that we’ve been there for each other through the whole hard parts of it an now we can just focus on having fun and enjoying being who we really are.

‘We’ve been so much we’ll be friends for the rest of our lives. We couldn’t imagine not being there for each other in some way.’

The couple spread hope and joy amongst the young transgender community by sharing their story. They developed fans the country and world over, and many of those fans were saddened to hear about the split. One commented ‘I’m so sorry for you…Hope this hard time will pass quickly.’ Hang on: There are nice internet commenters? We should’ve led with that.

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Anyway, best of luck to these two kids as they continue their powerful journey.

Here’s the video from the beginning of their touching relationship:

[via The Daily Mail]
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