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BAMF Gabby Giffords to Skydive on 3rd Anniversary of Mass Shooting in Tuscon

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on January 8, 2014

UPDATE: It happened, see below for the pic.

On January 8, 2011, Arizona Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was shot in the head during a mass shooting in Tuscon that left six dead and 12 others wounded. Three years later not only is she surviving and thriving: She’s a total BAMF. The Today Show has the exclusive story.

“Today, Gabby Giffords is going to do something that is incredibly courageous and inspiring and a little bit surprising — she’s going to sky-dive here in Arizona to commemorate the three-year anniversary and all of the progress that she’s made,” TODAY’s Savannah Guthrie said by phone Wednesday from Tucson.

Before the horrific shooting, Giffords was a skydiving enthusiast. Now, with her husband — former astronaut Mark Kelly — her mother, and Guthrie by her side, she’ll do what seemed impossible three years ago. She’ll be diving with a Navy SEAL friend who was injured in Afghanistan.

A morning show special capturing her skydiving and sharing “how she finds the personal strength to continue to triumph over adversity” will air on The Today Show on Thursday morning.

UPDATE: It happened, and it’s awesome.

Giffords also published a New York Times op-ed on Wednesday called “The Lessons of Physical Therapy,” in which she reflects on the struggles and successes of the past three years and talks about her work as an advocate for stricter gun control laws.

We’re not daunted. We know that the gun lobby, which makes money by preventing sensible change, relies on dramatic disappointments to wound us, reduce our power, push us back on our heels.

Our fight is a lot more like my rehab. Every day, we must wake up resolved and determined. We’ll pay attention to the details; look for opportunities for progress, even when the pace is slow. Some progress may seem small, and we might wonder if the impact is enough, when the need is so urgent.

But every day we will recruit a few more allies, talk to a few more elected officials, convince a few more voters. Some days the steps will come easily; we’ll feel the wind at our backs. Other times our knees will buckle. We’ll tire of the burden. I know this feeling. But we’ll persist.

Talk about being a hero. Really, go talk about it.

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