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Why You Should Feel Free to Be More YOLO About Friends With Benefits

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on February 12, 2014

Want to bone your friend but are concerned about ruining your relationship? Turns out, it’ll probably work out just fine post-coitus.

A reported 60% of U.S. college students have had a Friend with Benefits (FWB), according to Psychology Today. This could mean a one-night stand or someone you habitually sleep with but don’t bring to your Winter Formal. And whether your FWB is just a “placeholder” — someone to fill your needs until something better comes along — or you’re using this relationship as a “trial run” before you commit to the real thing, it’s a relationship that is entered into with great trepidation.

The biggest obstacle to turning a friendship into one with sexual benefits appears to be the fear of ruining said friendship, according to one study. But now a new study is like, you do you, girl! Go get that friend tail!

In a survey of 1,000 college students, 300 had a FWB in that past year, and 80% said they were still on good terms with their sexy ex(y). And if you need even more encouragement, you saucy minx, 50% reported feeling closer to their FWB as compared to before the Bs began.

Here’s an informative chart from Psychology Today:

FWB chart

There is, of course, still a chance that this arrangement will blow up in your face, and your floormate will become your sworn enemy. That is what happened in 18.5% of these scenarios.

The point is: Friendships end whether you’ve allowed your friend to penetrate you or not, so might as well give it a go, should the option present itself. What’s the worst that could happen? You fall in love?

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