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Shvitzing Tennis Player Grigor Dimitrov Helps Fainting Ball Girl In Miami

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on March 24, 2014

Grigor Dimitrov is a 22-year-old tennis cutie who was shvitzing at the Miami Masters tournament on Sunday. When he went for a towel, he noticed that the courtside ball girl was feeling it too. Playing tennis in a million degrees of heat and a million percent humidity is tough, but crouching on the side of the court and being a slave to the players looks pretty challenging as well.

Good Guy Dimitrov then swooped in to relieve the lightheaded girl.

For anyone who’s ever watched a tennis match, players usually treat the ball girl or boy with about as much deference as a doorknob. It’s nice to see Dimitrov recognizing that the job kind of blows and also that perhaps the gross Florida weather is hard on them, too. Plus, that girl now has one helluva story to tell, beyond “I got to hold a famous player’s sweaty towel all day!”

Dimitrov is dating fellow baller Maria Sharapova: If this is any indication of his boyfriend abilities, then color us very jealous. And even though he, like, totally lost his match, he scored some major karma points.

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[via Guyism]
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