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Multiple Marriage Proposals at Boston Marathon Finish Line

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on April 21, 2014

One year ago, the finish line of the Boston Marathon became a symbol of terror and tragedy. This year it’s become a symbol of new beginnings, as triumphant runners pass through it and multiple successful marriage proposals have taken place.

Some of the proposals happened pre-marathon, and another on Monday, the actual race day. WBZ News anchor Paula Ebben tweeted this photo early Monday afternoon of runner Greg Picklesiner at the finish line down on one knee proposing to his girlfriend Carla. This is a public proposal we can get behind.

But Greg and Carla weren’t the first to get engaged at the storied line. In the days leading up to the marathon, participants arrived early to settle in — and pop the question.

Tom Louden was scheduled to run his 7th marathon, but recently suffered an injury. The reservations were all set and his girlfriend Mary had never been to Boston, so Tom decided to propose at the finish line on Saturday. Go here to see video of Tom and Marry being adorable.

Shonra Taylor was in town from California to run the marathon, and her boyfriend Brian Goodell came with her. Less than a day before the race, the two visited the finish line and Brian asked her to marry him.

“I was feeling really nervous and sick about the race,” Taylor told New England Cable News (NECN), “but I have something else to focus on now, I guess.”

Lots of happy news out of Boston, including an American runner winning the whole damn thing! Boston Strong, indeed.

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