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Moron Plummets From Stage Rig at ASAP Rocky’s New Year’s Show in Perth

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It’s one thing to be a total putz and interrupt your own show by diving 30 feet off a lighting rig onto the crowd below, as rapper Watsky did on the Vans Warped Tour back in November. But to be a fan and interrupt someone else’s show? That’s more than simple Idiocracy; that’s just not polite.

A man climbed up to a rig high above the stage at the Origin festival in Perth, Australia, during A$AP Rocky’s New Year’s Eve set. He dangles there — he’s really dangling in a precarious position — and A$AP Rocky has no choice but to stop the show and discuss this kid’s actions. Then, it happens.

But, really, Vertical Video Syndrome is still an issue in 2014.

Another [horizontal, correct] angle from the stage:

The man’s injuries are reportedly serious but not life-threatening.

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