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George Zimmerman’s Brother Links Trayvon to Baby Killer in Racist Tweet

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on March 24, 2013

Suspected perpetrators of an unthinkably heinous crime, two teenage boys from Georgia were charged with murder on Friday. De’Marquise Elkins, 17, and an unnamed 14-year-old accomplice stand accused of fatally shooting a 13-month-old boy who was being pushed in a stroller by his mother.

If somehow in your messed-up brain, synapses misfiring all over, you connected these accused cold-blooded killers to Trayvon Martin returning to his father’s house with a pack of Skittles, congratulations, you’re a full-on racist imbecile with no semblance of a grasp on reality.

Oh, you might also be George Zimmerman’s brother.

robert zimmerman trayvon tweet

Yes, lots of questions actually. But, if we can only ask our best one, are we to understand that because both Elkins and Martin are black and have fingers that they are to be tied together as criminals, and taking that thinking to its logical conclusion, should we similarly assume that all white teenagers who flash a middle finger ought to be considered cold-blooded school shooters, and then, should we come across one of these white teens with middle fingers, should we unnecessarily confront them with a lethal weapon?

TJ Lane, Ian Friedman
AP Photo/The News-Herald, Duncan Scott

And since we’re dealing in superficial generalities rooted in fantasy, can we also assume that anyone named Robert Zimmerman will change his name to Bob Dylan and become a mumbling folk hero poet?

In addition to the NAACP, the NRA and Breitbart.com editor Ben Shapiro, Zimmerman also sent that tweet to Anthony of Opie & Anthony and Michael Moore. He also sent some other questionable tweets, like this:

It’s admirable that he has family loyalty and he wants to protect his brother, but this dude needs to stop tweeting immediately.

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