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Woman Has Sex With a Pit Bull, Cops Stop the Paaaaaarty



By HVmedia
February 21, 2013 at 2:56 pm

If only Mike Vick took this path …

Even for Las Vegas, this story seems entirely outlandish. It’s not enough that 23-year-old Kara Vandereyk was having sex with a pit bull, but she was doing it in her own front yard. Charlie Berens has your hilarious recap of all the dirty details on the incident that landed this women in the dog house.

Here’s the pertinent part, from the Las Vegas Review-Journal:

Vandereyk was naked and on the ground when officers arrived, according to the arrest report.

When Vandereyk noticed the officers, she said, “Hi,” and began touching the dog in a sexual way, the report said.

Police said she appeared to be on drugs or mentally ill and she told the officers she has bipolar disorder. She didn’t know her name, the year or the name of the president, the report said.



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