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Wife Bites Husband’s Genitals After He Makes Her Leave the Rodeo Early

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By HVnews on May 23, 2013

He wanted to leave the rodeo. She wanted to stay.

What happened next between Anthony Hill and his wife, Christina Salinas, is a below-the-belt domestic spat. The California couple classifies the ensuing scuffle as the culmination of a series of “stressful events,” including the fact that Salinas’ ex-husband now lives with the pair.

When Salinas and Hill started to argue, “Salinas’ ex-husband tried to separate the two, and when both men went to hold her down, that’s when she allegedly bit his penis,” CBS Sacramento reported.

The only thing Hill’s really upset about? Calling 911 on his wife: “I’ve assaulted her before in arguments,” Hill told CBS. “We work it out and I went beyond that.” Okay then. All good.

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