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14 Breathtaking Pics From the U.S. Interior’s Must-Follow Instagram

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on April 5, 2013

The U.S. Department of the Interior gets virtually no ink. Quick, name its Cabinet-level secretary. Sans snark about redecorating the White House every four years, describe in one sentence what this department even does.

If you’re actually curious as to what goes on at Interior — officially the federal executive department responsible for management/conservation of most federal land and natural resources — head on over to Instagram, where it has by far the best account on the app. Its 33,000 wise followers know what’s up.

Ignore the excessive, aggressive hashtagging and check out our favorite 14 photos. Follow them @USInterior on the app or on the web here.

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Today, the #Alaska #Volcano Observatory celebrates 25 years of monitoring and studying Alaska volcanos. These efforts have improved global understanding of how volcanos work and how to live safely with volcanic eruptions. The Observatory is a joint program of the #UnitedStates #Geologic Survey (which is an bureau within the Department of the Interior), Geophysical Institute of Alaska #Fairbanks, and the State of Alaska Division of Geological and Geophysical Surveys.

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: #PrairieDogs at the #Wichita #Mountains National #Wildlife #Refuge in #Oklahoma are easily photographed. The trick is to wait for some #cute action. This photo, taken by Warren Williams was submitted to the National Wildlife Refuge Association photo contest.

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: We will never get tired of seeing the #AuroraBorealis in #Alaska. This photo was taken over Bureau of Land Management Lands (@mypubliclands). #northernlights

Aurora Borealis Over Orthodox Church in Alaska
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Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: The #northernlights photo we posted earlier was a huge hit, so lets finish off the day with another one. This one comes from the Bureau of Land Managements employee #cabin in #Coldfoot, #Alaska. Which of the two do you all like better? #Alaska

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Ever wonder what it would be like to drive down the Park Road in #Denali with the #NorthernLights dancing over head? While its not the same as seeing it in person, we thought we’d share this stunning image taken this #winter. #Alaska

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Hundreds of #BaldEagles make the Upper #Mississippi #River National #Wildlife Refuge their home during the #winter months. They congregate near open water snatching #fish with their #talons and soaring into the treetops to eat their prey.

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Happy #presidentsday! Here’s a shot of the #WashingtonMonument you don’t see every day. Photo: Diana Bowen.

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Nationally known for its beauty, the #PariaCanyon has towering walls streaked with #desert varnish, huge red rock #amphitheaters, sandstone #arches, wooded terraces, and hanging gardens. The 3,000-foot escarpment known as the #VermilionCliffs dominates the remainder of the wilderness with its thick Navajo sandstone face, steep, boulder-strewn slopes, rugged #arroyos and stark overall appearance. Some of the best slot canyon #hiking opportunities on the #ColoradoPlateau are found here. Photo: Bob Wick

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Rush hour traffic takes on a whole new meaning in #Yellowstone #NationalPark #Wyoming

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: #Loggerhead #Sea #Turtles are currently listed as threatened by the #Fish & #Wildlife Service. Several National Wildlife Refuges in the southeast #UnitedStates have programs to help the Loggerhead recover to more sustainable numbers, so in the future, more of these little guys will be venturing out into the sea very soon. Photo courtesy of Ben Hicks (@benjhicks)

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Looks like people aren’t the only ones who enjoy #stunning #sunsets at the #GrandCanyon. Photo: E. Whittaker #arizona

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: #nofilter necessary for this #beautiful photo from the #BearRiver Migratory #Bird Refuge. The refuge lies in northern #Utah, where it protects marshes found at the mouth of the Bear River; these marshes are the largest #freshwater component of the #GreatSaltLake #ecosystem. Since these marshes are surrounded by arid #desert lands, it is little wonder that they have always been an #oasis for #waterbirds and #wildlife.

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: This photo has us excited for #spring. Ace Hess, a Bureau of Land Management – #Idaho Range Technician for the #Challis Field Office captured this “golden” moment. Thanks to @mypubliclands for sharing this photo!

Statigram/US Interior

DOI caption: Congratulations to Dave Morrow (www.DaveMorrowPhotography.com) for being one of the finalists for the 2012 #Smithsonian photo contest. We featured this amazing #nightsky photo from #MountRainier #nationalpark and it has been one of the most popular photos we have posted. Congrats Dave! Go to www.smithsonianmag.com for more info

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