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UC Davis Pepper-Spraying Cop Wants Worker’s Comp Because He’s That Guy

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on July 29, 2013

He’s been hated, ridiculed and even meme’d for cruelly and casually pepper-spraying Occupy UC Davis protesters in 2011.

Now, the former police lieutenant wants cash money.

John Pike gained notoriety in November 2011 for dousing a group of peaceful college protesters with pepper spray. According to the Davis Enterprise, Pike is now appealing for worker’s compensation, claiming psychiatric injury caused by the incident. Right…

Pike’s case is scheduled for a mandatory settlement conference on Aug. 13 in Sacramento, according to the State Department of Industrial Relations website. If no settlement is reached, his case would go forward to trial or further hearing.

Pike Spray Slide

Bernie Goldsmith, a Davis attorney who has supported Occupy UC Davis, said a protest likely would be held outside the conference.

“In an ideal democracy, violent suppressors of political speech are jailed and not rewarded. This sends a message that acts of violent political repression can be both insulated from real criminal prosecution and rewarded,” Goldsmith wrote in an email message.

After the pepper-spraying incident, a panel eventually deemed Pike’s use of force was “reasonable,” but it also concluded that Pike’s “serious errors of judgment and deficiencies of leadership” warranted demotion or suspension. Pike, whose annual salary was $121,680, was placed on paid leave for eight months. He later parted ways with the police forces.

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