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‘Twilight’ Actor Pees on LAX Airport Floor, and There’s Video

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By HVentertainment on January 2, 2013

Gerard Depardieu, you’ve got a peeing protégé.

Bronson Pelletier, best solely known as a member of the Wolf Pack in the Twilight saga, was arrested at Los Angeles International Airport in mid-December for public intoxication. Not only did Pelletier got tossed off a flight, witnesses said, but he whipped out his junk and urinated on the floor, a charge he vehemently denied to TMZ. Now there’s proof, though.

So when Pelletier says “No peeing … peeing did not happen,” what he really meant to say was, “Yeah, alright, the video will leak and you can watch me pee all over the carpet at an LAX gate for a rather long time.”

Warning: slightly NSFW, minor peen action.

It took a while, but after Depardieu and 18-year-old Olympic skiing hopeful Robert Vietze, we finally got our third airplane peer.

TMZ spoke to one of Pelletier’s handlers: “A rep for Pelletier tells TMZ … Bronson realizes he has issues, and will be entering a treatment program for addiction in the near future.”

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