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Watch Police Tackle a Guy With a Knife on ‘Today Show’ Set This Morning

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on June 6, 2013

At about 8 am New York City time, Matt Lauer reported that a man at Rockefeller Plaza took out a blade on the set of the Today Show. Police responded quickly, and nobody besides the man was reportedly injured.

A Twitter user named @SirAnduck was on scene, and he managed to snap video of the man with the knife getting tackled by police. Right place, right time, kid. @SirAnduck says the police used pepper spray, then tackled him.

Direct link to video here.

@SirAnduck also snapped this pic of the man down. Blood pool, whoa:

via @SirAnduck

via @SirAnduck

@ShawnaMunger caught this pic of the man:

via @ShawnaMunger

via @ShawnaMunger

All is reportedly calm on the Plaza now:

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