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Welcome to Adult Cinema, Sydney Leathers, We’ve Been Expecting You

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on August 5, 2013

Who had “the weekend of August 3” in the Sydney Leathers Will Do Professional Porn pool? Step right up and claim your prize.

Not two weeks after ratting out Anthony Weiner to TheDirty.com, the girl on the other end of Carlos Danger’s boneheaded decisions has already jumped into bed with porn producers Vivid Entertainment. Damn, Steve Hirsch wastes no time! We all knew this was coming, but 10 days? Leathers works quicker than Weiner reportedly gets off.

Ms. Leathers, you’ve made your bed, and you’ve masturbated in it, and now you have to lie in it. Hope it’s sunshine and lollipops from here on out, because there’s a long life ahead. Hopefully the check had many zeroes.

Here’s her award-winning monologue:

I’m Sydney Leathers. Anthony Weiner and I had a “sexting” relationship for several months, and that came out in the press, so here I am! We had phone sex several times a week while this was going on. We did send each other pictures. They were pretty much all nude. He would always compliment me on my breasts, my ass. He would tell me stuff about my feet, and how good I looked in heels. I responded back and basically told him anything I thought he wanted to hear. Here’s my fully nude video. Check it out.

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