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Super Bowl XLVII Nuggets: Beyoncé, Harbaughs, Ads, NOLA & More

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By HVsports on February 3, 2013

It’s Super Bowl Sunday … finally. And if you’re watching with no safety net, here’s a quick guide of topics from the past week to discuss with the other non-football diehards at your Eating & Beyoncé Party.


First up, the Harbaughs: What these two brothers have accomplished is spectacular, and even though we’ll be inundated with too many stories about the Brothers Harbaugh over the next week and a half, it’s deserved. Really! Brothers! Coaching against each other in the championship of the country’s most popular sport! Two kids who shared a bedroom as kids, doing what they do best, reaching their career pinnacles at the exact same time. How do these two stack up against other famous brothers? Let’s match them up against the Wrights, the Wayans, the Murrays, the Bridges, the Mannings and others.

More here, with excerpts from full posts:

• Never Forget: Janet Jackson’s Wardrobe Malfunction Turns 9

“Congress raised the FCC fine on such incidents from $27,500 to $325,000, networks instituted time delays on live events and sports, Howard Stern was essentially banished to satellite radio when he was ripped from major markets and Victoria’s Secret even canceled the annual fashion show that year. Plus, this almost single-handedly reignited the dormant culture war.”

Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake
AP Photo/David Phillip

• Budweiser Ruins Its Super Bowl Ad With Crowdsourced Hashtag Crap

“Not to get too getoffmylawny, but can we call a moratorium on forced crowdsourced hogcock that ruins the sentiment of everything it touches? Can’t we simply let something play out without corporate-backed hashtag contests and the trite contributions from micromanaging social media hacks?”

budweiser ad hashtag

HyperVocal Banned Its Own Super Bowl Ads From TV

“We here at HyperVocal had the opposite problem. Given the nature of our non-porn website (well, kinda), our legal team wouldn’t allow these ads to air anywhere but the dark depraved depths of the Internet. So we banned these puppies before raising the nearly $4 million it would take to get them on air.”

• Racist? How Is VW’s Super Bowl Ad Like ‘Blackface With Voices’?

“We, as a society, need to stop cheapening the meaning of words and actions.

We need to stop saying we’ve been ‘raped’ by people and situations that are nothing more than inconveniences. We need to stop charging 17-year-olds who take nude photos of themselves with possession of child porn. We need to stop calling everything racist or sexist or homophobic. Stop taking away importance from real, actual terms that describe real, actual crimes and insults. Cheapening this stuff does a disservice to real, actual problems.”

• Even Rehearsal of Beyoncé’s Super Bowl Show is Too Much to Handle

“Hast thou prepared thine own self for the immaculate performance that will be Beyoncé’s 2013 Super Bowl halftime show? If there is anything that can outshine the controversy of Beyoncé’s alleged Inauguration lip synching, it’s an army of high heeled women choreographed in perfect step.”

• Videobomber Gets Surprise STD Interview From NOLA Reporter

Check out this New Orleans reporter who handles interruption like a champ!

via Fox 4 KC

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