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Staten Islanders Pissed at Google Street View, Man Finds True Love

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 4, 2013

Residents of Sandy-stricken Staten Island are PISSED at Google.

post sandy staten island googleThe New York Post spotted one of the company’s many colorful Street View cars photographing a Staten Island neighborhood on Thursday, prompting a justified outcry from many residents who are still cleaning up.

“They’re going to call it a wasteland!,” Damian Malandro told the paper. “I don’t like Google driving around my property. What are they doing it for? To drop the property value?”

It passed at least three homes totaled by the storm and dozens of others that saw several feet of floodwaters. It also took a tour of damaged areas in the Rockaways.

It’s a serious story, but drop down to the comments section and you’ll find someone who’s looking for something a bit more serious.

you have beautiful eyes

If her last name is any indication, this could totally work.

These two would make a terrific couple. Who here wants to see Kimbereley and Jake make it work? #Kimbake? #Jakerley? Let’s do this.

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[photo via NY Post: Chad Rachman]

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