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Sonic Apologizes For Saying Kansas City Chiefs Will ‘Scalp the Redskins’

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on December 8, 2013

Who are the ad wizards that thought this sign outside a Sonic Drive-In Restaurant in Belton, Missouri, would be a good idea? The answer, according to Indian Country Today’s Vincent Schilling, is “a minimum wage cook, and an employee that didn’t know any better and was sent home crying.”

Cody Blackbird spotted the sign and called the franchise’s owner, Robert Stone. Blackbird told Indian Country Today that Stone was sympathetic and said, “We wouldn’t even have this problem if the damn name of the team wasn’t the Washington Redskins.” That’s certainly true enough.

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The corporation weighed in as well, with Patrick Lenow, the vice president of public relations for Sonic Corp., issuing this statement:

An independent franchise owner allowed two sets of remarks to be posted on a message board outside his restaurant. The remarks were wrong, offensive and unacceptable. His passion for his hometown football team and a reputation for creative remarks on his message board resulted in a lapse in judgment and he regrets allowing the remarks to be posted. The owner has reinforced with his employees the boundaries of what is acceptable and unacceptable. On behalf of the franchise owner and our entire brand we apologize for the offensive remarks.

Horrific language aside, Kansas City did kick the crap out of Washington.

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