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Glass Ceiling Shattered: Company Launches First Sex Doll Into Space

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on December 17, 2013

A sex toy distributor has taken one small step for man, and one giant leap for men who have sex with inflatable dolls.

CNV.com went where no sex toy distributor has gone before: to space. They decided to send Missy, a sex doll, up into the atmosphere on a mission so cleverly called “Mission 69: Launch Sex Doll Into Space.” When it comes to puns and creativity, the sex toy industry really has the market cornered.

Missy was launched on her suicide mission from Burton Creek State Park, just west of Lake Tahoe. She was lifted using a 4.5 pound balloon filled with about 300 cubic feet of hydrogen and achieved an ascent rate of approximately 1,400 feet per minute. She had a lovely, scenic tour over Lake Tahoe, Carson City and the deep desert as she climbed to over 100,000 feet above Earth.

You go girl!

But unfortunately for Missy and those who loved her, she did not make it home. In fact, she was completely space-fucked. At 102,000 feet she burst, her right leg shattered from an extreme temperature shift, and her right arm detached when she re-entered the atmosphere. Rough!

But she will always be remembered as a true pioneer and will be credited for shattering the famous sex doll space travel glass ceiling.

Despite Missy’s ill-fated voyage, CNV’s owner Dave Levine is still proud:

“Three high-definition cameras recorded up to altitudes of approximately 60,000 feet, yielding the best video of a sex toy in space ever,” Levine added.

It’s all about perspective, people.

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