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Scott Brown Says “Bqhatevwr” to all His Haters on Twitter

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By HVpolitics on January 26, 2013

Early Saturday morning former Senator and current DILF Scott Brown sent out a string of tweets that sounds like the were written by a 13-year-old girl who should have Emojis in her display name.

Scott Brown

So what is Bqhatevwr exactly? A severe misspelling of whatever, as his previous tweets would appear to indicate? Is it a verb? A noun? A sexual act you perform on SnapChat? A new club drug made out tooth whitener? A state of mind? His campaign slogan for his next run for office?

Is Bqhatevwr the hottest club in Massachusetts that features human baked beans? You know it’s that thing of where a bunch of really tan little people all get in a hot tub together.

via @tmwsiy

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