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Runaway Rapist Calls Local News, Says She’s Tired of Parole

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By Jeff Wilber on January 14, 2013

Bad decisions beget bad decisions.

Former teacher, Cara Dickey, is on parole for a 2009 second-degree rape conviction, which came after she was found having a sexual relationship with a student, a 14-year-old boy. Dickey called Buffalo’s WKBW on Friday to let them know that she was tired of being on parole and was going on the run.

The phone call came after Dickey was confronted by her parole officer on January 8 concerning allegations of a new relationship with a minor.

On that the phone call to WKBW, Dickey said:

There’s never been a minor involved in any type of relationship. I had been in trouble with parole because I had been involved in a relationship with another felon, somebody else on parole, a woman. I have been in a lesbian relationship for almost a year and I, we have been told to stay apart and we refused. The thing that they’re getting as far as the child is concerned is the fact that on Christmas, we spent Christmas with her little brother. Christmas. A nice Christmas. There was no sexual involvement, there was no inappropriate conduct at all. My parole officer knows that.

Ahh, the ol’ “Why would I bang another underaged boy, I’m totes scissoring with a fellow felon now?!” gambit. It’s a good one.

cara dickey
via WGRZ

She might also look like this:

cara dickey 2

Here’s a description of Dickey, according to the Examiner:

Dickey is a described as a white female with green eyes, 5’5” weighing approximately 145 pounds with a scar on her abdomen and a tattoo on her right forearm. Cara Dickey may either have blonde or brown hair at this time. She has gone by the alias Cara Pietras.

With her ankle monitor illegally removed and a warrant out for Dickey’s arrest, any information on her current location should be sent to the New York Division of State Police.

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