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Adorable Kid Band ‘Runaway Hamsters’ Raise $$ For Friend With Cancer

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on December 19, 2013

There are some pretty incredible band names out there, but The Runaway Hamsters is the best we’ve heard in a while. Put aside the name: Their reason for getting the band together is even better.

Boise station KTVB reports that back in April four siblings — nine-year-old Isabella and eight-year-old triplets Abby, Gabby and Riley Keen — found out their friend Matt had been diagnosed with cancer.

Naturally, they were having a tough time with the sad news:

“He has a tumor in his brain and it’s hard for him to speak and he lost all of the hair on his head. He’s bald now,” said Gabby. “And it’s hard for him to walk too. He has to use a wheelchair.”

Over their summer break, the four adorable kids decided they wanted to use their musical talents to help Matt in some small way, and thus, The Runaway Hamsters were born.

“We all picked the name,” said Abby. Finishing her sentence, Isabella added, “Abby picked runaway and I picked hamsters and then we put it together, Runaway Hamsters.”

Genius. No, seriously.

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With the help of their parents, in particular “Momager” Barb, the siblings produced a CD that is selling for $5 at Flatbread restaurants in the Boise area.

So far they’ve raised $1,200.

They’ve donated $200 of that to their school, Riverside Elementary, to start a scholarship fund to help kids and families like Matt’s. They plan on donating the rest of the money, in Matt’s name, to the Mountain States Tumor Institute and the Children’s Hospital in Boise.


According to their Facebook page, the band’s interests include “Music, Writing Music, Playing Music, Dancing, Being silly, Playing Tag, Animals….especially Hamsters :)”

And they even have a pithy tagline: “Thanks for being a part of our journey down the road to Awesome.”

No, thank you guys.

[via KTVB; hat tip to @socarolinesays]
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