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Australia’s Religious Prime Minister Masterfully Explains Why He’s Pro-Equality

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on September 2, 2013

At a Q & A with the nation’s prime minister, some Australian Huckabee stood up and asked Kevin Rudd why he changed his position on marriage equality.

The “good Christian” pastor pressed Rudd, a “deeply religious” man, on why he is now in favor of the abomination that is allowing Loving Couples to enter the same union as Totally Normal People and whether or not he “believe[s] the words of Jesus.” Rudd’s direct response should serve as a template:

Incredibly frank. Exceedingly simple. Pretty amazing.

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AMERICAblog’s John Aravosis, who first posted the clip, notes further that, “You won’t find a single quote from Jesus in the Bible about gays. Which is interesting, since the anti-gay Christian right treat being gay as one of the top two or three ‘sins’ they care about. Yet, of all the things Jesus talks about in the Bible, somehow He ‘forgot’ to mention gays.”

True, and I’d take it one step beyond that: The really mind-boggling part here is how untested Rudd’s answer feels. That’s not focus group talk. That’s not politician speak. That’s raw realness. That’s Rudd speaking from his heart, mind *and* soul. That’s a prime minister with the guts to say what he truly thinks about a wedge issue. That’s so … ridiculously rare.

Hopefully staffers of religious politicians all over America who are on board with common sense issues like full human equality will see this and begin to fold it into their thoughts and remarks.

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