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Realtor Caught on Cam Stealing Woman’s Clothing, Rummaging

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Stacy Lambe

By Stacy Lambe on March 5, 2013

Do you trust leaving your home in the hands of your real estate agent?

Think again. Stephen Brumme, a Maryland-based realtor, was caught rifling through drawers and stealing women’s clothing from a house he was supposed to be selling. Instead of prepping the home for a client tour, Brumme was rummaging through the homeowners’ stuff.

Weird. Why did he take the woman’s shirts? Underwear, sexy lingerie, something like that might make more sense. Is this for his own amusement or is he selling these items at a Sunday flea market? Creepy, but mundane.

Oddly enough, this is not the first time an agent has done something to this particular owners’ home. According to WTOP, the couple installed a hidden camera “after finding a razor blade in his garbage disposal, apparently placed there by another real estate agent.” Strange days.

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