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Watch This Rabbi Equate Child Molestation With Having Diarrhea

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By HVnews on January 30, 2013

“They ask me that, ‘Do I have to tell her I was molested?’ I said do you have to tell her you once had diarrhea? It’s embarrassing, but it’s nobody’s business.”Chabad Rabbi Manis Friedman on child molestation

In this eight-minute diatribe on individuals who have experienced sexual molestation of children, or rape, Chabad Rabbi Manis Friedman makes a lot of pronouncements about sexual abuse, each more unfeeling than the next.

But with an opening line like, “You’re not that damaged, cut it out,” what else could you expect? Things start to get sensational around the 1:10 mark, when Friedman starts making jokes about sexual abuse and diarrhea, and his mocking tone only gets more disgustingly dismissive from there.

Here’s the condensed version of his eight-minute-long denunciation of child sexual abuse for those of you who can’t stomach such senseless spew.

Sexual abuse does not damage the victim; victims only suffer from feeling like they’re “damaged goods,” when in fact, we’re all damaged goods. If you’ve undergone sexual abuse, be thankful, because if “you’ve learned that not every counselor is (unintelligible) and not every uncle is your best friend, then you’ve learned an important lesson.” In summary, not saying the rabbinic prayer is far worse than any type of childhood sexual abuse.

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