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Patrick Stewart Gives Passionate, Must-See Q & A Answer on Domestic Violence

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on May 30, 2013

A Q & A at Comicpalooza in Texas took a somber turn when a female fan asked Star Trek actor Patrick Stewart about violence against women.

The fan, Heather, asked Stewart the one thing he’s most proud in his life that isn’t related to acting. That’s when Stewart launched into a passionate answer about domestic violence. Amazing.

Stewart said the work he does in groups that advocate for women in violent domestic situations grew out of his child experience. He revealed his father, a World War II veteran, suffered from what is now known as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

“It’s in our hands to stop violence towards women. I do what I do in my mother’s name because I couldn’t help her then. Now I can,” Stewart said.

Stewart said that today, soldiers returning from war are dealing with the very same issues his father dealt with in 1940.

“Now we know what it is, and we know how to deal with it,” Stewart said.

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Stewart works with Refuge, a U.K. based organization helping women and children dealing with domestic violence AND Combat Stress, an organization helping returning soldiers get effective treatment and support for mental health problems.

After getting a standing ovation from the crowd, Heather hugged Stewart and she said he told her that she will “never have to go through that again, you’re safe now.” She just kept thanking him.

May Patrick Stewart live long and prosper.

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