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NYPD Cruiser Slams Into Fleeing Men on Dirt Bike (Graphic Video)

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By HVnews on March 23, 2013

This graphic video shows an NYPD cruiser crashing into two men on a dirt bike in The Bronx. The incident killed the driver and injured the passenger.

The video of the crash, which occurred last August and killed 28-year-old Eddie Fernandez, is part of the case against Adalberto Gonzalez, the 26-year-old passenger, who faces charges of charges of resisting arrest and reckless endangerment. No charges were brought against the officer.

Gothamist has more on how it all started:

The incident began when cops spotted Adalberto Gonzalez travelling south on Manida Street, operating the motorcycle without license plates or a helmet. Police ended up chasing Gonzalez on foot when he jumped onto the rear seat of another unregistered Honda dirt bike driven by Fernandez. You can see the aftermath of the police car striking the two men below.

The N.Y. Post has more on Officer Eddie McClain:

Gonzalez’s defense attorney, Cesar Gonzalez, said a grand jury should have been convened to charge McClain with a crime — and the videos should have been exhibit A.

“It looks like a Scud missile,” said Cesar Gonzalez, referring to the cruiser’s deadly path.

“I would feel a lot better if they [the district attorney] had put it before the grand jury and let them make a decision, because then the people of The Bronx have spoken.”

NYPost via Gothamist

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