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NY Post’s Hillary Benghazi Cover Sounds Like Your Sexist Uncle

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By Greg Seals on January 24, 2013

The New York Post is like that uncle you only see around the holidays. He’ll say sexist or questionably racist remarks just to get a rise out of the room.

For all those outraged over the sexist cheap shot Thursday’s New York Post cover threw, featuring Hillary and the headline “No Wonder Bill’s Afraid,” you have every right to be. But is this your first time ever picking up a copy of the Post? You don’t remember that horrible wordplay with the “Swillary” cover from last year when the first lady was photographed toss back a few well deserved brews? After all, these are the people that brought you not one, but two tasteless snuff covers in late 2012.


Do you think Hillary really has time to listen to the haters anyways?

Kiss my ass

The only defense she needs comes care of the ticket we hope to see on our ballots in 2016, Fey and Poehler.


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