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New Jersey Firefighters Stumble Upon Outrageous Hallucinogenic Drug Operation

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on November 7, 2013

Firefighters in Trenton, New Jersey, on Tuesday responded to a two-alarm fire, but the tenants would probably call it more of a haaaaze than a blaze, brah. In the attic of the home, firefighters stumbled upon a psychedelic drug users wet dream: lots and lots of trippy shit.

via NJ.com

via NJ.com

According to NJ.com:

About 60 mason jars were discovered, where mushrooms in various states of growth were being cultivated, along with marijuana, LSD, and the extracted juice of a rare jungle root used to make one of the most powerful hallucinogens known to man, officials said. Other substances which could not immediately be identified were sent to the State Police lab.

Rare jungle roots and unidentifiable substances? Sounds like the work of some rogue bio-chem majors. But no, it was a father-mother-son-daughter-two other random dude-operation. The family that grows together stays together, as they say.

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All four family members and their two associates were arrested and charged with “maintaining or operating a drug production facility, along with numerous other possession, possession with the intent to distribute, and distribution charges,” according to the prosecutor’s office.

This was not your standard drug den. This was some Walter White-level shit. Lt. Mike Novembre of the Mercer County’s Special Investigations Unit, a veteran on the force, was wowed.

“I’ve been doing narcotics work for 20 years, and this is the first time I’ve come across this,” Novembre said today.

The father and ringleader, Barry Roomberg, 50, is a newbie to drug crime, but definitely not a newbie to drug-making. Investigators found about 20 grams worth of dried mushrooms in the attic ready to roll [yea, pun intended.] They also found pH testers, syringes, and other fancy tools. Basically Willy Wonka’s Drug factory, according to NJ.com.

They were obviously concerned about maintaining a diverse portfolio, for the DEA also seized 50 hits of LSD, half a gram of crystal meth, and five Ecstacy pills. Damn, you guys.

But the worst part of it all (for this drug family) is that the fire was completely unrelated to their treasure trove of drugs. Tough luck, man. Try to watch the pretty colors and forget the deep shit you’re in.

[via NJ.com]
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