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WTF: Watch This Mother Force Her Screaming Son to Get a Tattoo

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By HVvids on January 28, 2013

There isn’t much to be said for this video other than the fact that it’s difficult to watch. The uploader of the video on YouTube doesn’t provide much background on the video other than the title “Mom forces little kid to get tattoo! (ORIGINAL VIDEO)” and the short description, “This is very messsed up! =./”

Simple case of beyond-horrific parenting?

That must be everyone’s initial reaction to hearing those poor, tortured screams of that child, watching him endure the pain of a needle shooting in and out of his skin repeatedly. Couple that with the fact that this woman is holding the boy down against his will, permanently marking him for the rest of his life, and you have what seems like a very clear case of child abuse.

If this is indeed “original video” of a parent tattooing her young son against his will, why didn’t the person recording intervene in some way? Is it a hoax or some kind? Could the tattoo act as a medical alert for a life-threatening allergy (though the location seems to indicate otherwise)? Although unlikely, there’s the off-chance that this is for the boy’s own good.

We’ll follow the story and bring you the latest as it emerges.

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