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Report: Michael Jackson Paid $35 Million to Silence ‘Dozens’ of Families

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on June 30, 2013

Michael Jackson beat it back in 2005. The departed King of Pop faced nearly 20 years in prison if convicted of charges that he molested a 13-year-old cancer survivor at the Neverland Ranch in 2003. He won.

As mad as the 2005 courtroom frenzy was here in the States, the British tabloid press was all over this story. Juicy.

AP Photo/Martin Cleaver

AP Photo/Martin Cleaver

And they still are. The Mirror UK and Daily Mail are all over an exclusive story by the Mirror‘s Sunday People, which alleges Jacko spent $35 million to silence the families of at least two dozen young boys over the years.

Secret FBI files exclusively seen by the Sunday People reveal Michael Jackson spent £23million buying the silence of at least two dozen young boys he abused over 15 years.
The documents – case numbers CADCE MJ-02463 and CR 01046 – were not passed on to prosecutors in the King of Pop’s 2005 trial, when he was cleared of molesting a child.
But they throw a disturbing new light on the megastar’s insistence he never laid a finger on any of the scores of kids he invited to his home for unsupervised sleep-overs.
Agents have thousands of pages of evidence dating back to 1989 indicating Jacko groomed and molested children – sometimes right under the noses of their starstruck parents.
The FBI files include private investigators’ reports, phone transcripts and hours of audio tapes.

Further, the Daily Mail reports:

The damning files claim the deceased popstar was a ‘pedophile’ who watched porn while assaulting a boy, molested a famous child star, fondled a child’s genitals in his private cinema and groped another child whose mother wasn’t ‘bothered’ by it.

Read into this as you may. It might be true, it might not be true, it’s the British press, but it is Michael Jackson. Believe what you want.

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