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HS Math Teacher ‘Ms. McCutie’ Tweets Naked Pics, Talks Jailbait

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By Jeff Wilber on January 30, 2013

No, you can’t tweet nude pics of yourself or talk about how much weed you smoke if you want to keep your job as a high school math teacher.

Carly McKinney, or Ms. McCutie as some of her students prefer, was placed on paid administrative leave on Tuesday after she admitted the Twitter account CarlyCrunkBear was hers. Before you get your hopes up, @crunk_bear, has been taken down, along with these racy photos.

@crunk_bear story
via DailyMail

The account was discovered Monday by an anonymous tip to 9 News of Aurora, Colorado, which then investigated the story.

The first-year teacher had tweeted about her alleged drug use and possession of drugs on campus, as well as these “jailbait” gems.

crunk tweet 1
via DailyMail

crunk tweet 2
via DailyMail

Though you can never be certain about who is actually running a social media account, McKinney claims that the posts related to her drug use on campus were made by an anonymous friend. Sure.

An interesting sidenote: The dude above who called her “Jailbait Warrior” isn’t a student of hers, nor does he have any tangible connection to her, other than loving weed. He tweeted this after seeing himself in the press:

Tustin Amole, director of communications for the Cherry Creek School District, seems to be treading lightly with the investigation, as concerns grow about McKinney’s freedom of speech. The Daily Mail reports:

Officials launched an investigation into McKinney’s conduct after learning of the allegations from 9News.

Paid administrative leave is not a disciplinary action, but rather a routine measure.

The main goal of the probe is to determine whether the 23-year-old educator used or was in possession of drugs on school property, which is illegal under state law.

McKinney has not been named in any other complaints during her tenure at the school.

You be the judge. With the #freecrunkbear Twitter storm, you too can rally behind McKinney’s cause, or maybe get an A on that math test you failed.

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