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Marijuana Cannon Firing Bundles of Weed Over Border Fence Seized

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By HVnews on February 28, 2013

What’s the best way to smuggle marijuana from Mexico into the United States? Heightened border security makes drug mules a tougher play. Tunnels are passé and discovered frequently. How about a cannon that fires packed pot bundles over the fence from Mexicali to California? Done.

Mexico Drug Cannon
AP Photo/Mexicali Public Safety Department

Get thee some plastic pipe and a crude metal tank that used compressed air from the engine of an old car, and get catapulting.

The Guardian: “The apparatus fired cylinders packed with drugs that weighed as much as 13 kilos, police said. It was confiscated last week after US officers told Mexican police that they had been confiscating a large number of drug packages that appeared to have been fired over the border. Mexican police on the border have recovered a series of similar devices in recent years.”

Authorities back in December discovered 33 such canisters fired out of a cannon into Arizona. Take a look at the end result of the cannon:

Cannons, catapults, this has been happening for years. U.S. Border Patrol agents back in January 2011 observed a catapult being set up south of the border in Naco, part of Sonora, about 80 miles southeast of Tucson.

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