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Man In Women’s Pants & ‘Smart Brown Sweater’ Busted on Newark Runway

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Marisa Kabas

By Marisa Kabas on December 26, 2013

Forget an invisibility cloak: Apparently all you need to slink around undetected is “women’s red pants and a smart brown sweater.”

A man hopped a fence and wandered across two runways at Newark Airport at around 4:20 am(!) on Christmas Day wearing the aforementioned style items and somehow went completely undetected. Newark has a $300 million-plus security system (Perimeter Intrusion Detection System, or PIDS), but it seems they didn’t get their money’s worth. Officials said the man, Siyah Bryant, 24, should have been detected immediately upon penetrating the perimeter.

According to the NY Post:

The PIDS system includes cameras that watch the airport’s outer fence, which is topped with barbed wire and lined with sensors to detect climbers. It remains unclear why Bryant was not spotted.

So not only is Bryant a snappy cross-dresser, he is also Spider-man. But unlike the superhero, he was not able to make an escape.

“The individual involved was arrested, checked against the [Joint Terrorism Task Force] and FBI watch list, issued a summons and released,” Koumoutsos said. “The PA could not immediately say why Bryant was not spotted.

But here’s where the fun begins: The episode started with a date gone awry (as many terrible nights do). Bryant was on a late-night date with another man when their car ran out of gas near the airport (as many horror films start). His date called another man for help, but for whatever reason Bryant was uncomfortable, and he set off on foot toward the airport.

That’s when he decided to take his chances at the airport.

He allegedly scaled the security fence and rambled unnoticed across two runways before trying to enter Terminal C, where he was confronted by a United Airlines worker, who called cops.

He was then charged with criminal trespass. Rough night!

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This isn’t the first time a PIDS system has failed.

The latest failure follows a similar breach at JFK Airport in August 2012, in which a tipsy jet-skier ran out of gas and swam to the airport, where he vaulted a ­6-foot fence and sauntered across two runways undetected before asking a worker for help.

What? Huh? And mostly, how?

Just a thought: Maybe airports should focus less on confiscating shampoo and more about securing their perimeters.

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