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‘Mad Men’ Returning With Two-Hour Season Premiere on April 7

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By HVentertainment on January 23, 2013

Pour yourself a Scotch — the wait is almost over.

Mad Men will be back soon,” Salon informed the world on Wednesday. “The series’ sixth season, its penultimate, will premiere in a little less than three months, with a two-hour episode on Sunday, April 7th.”

mad men hawaii

Go read Salon’s interview with series mastermind Matthew Weiner, who would not confirm nor deny the Hawaiian vacation angle, despite the leak.

Here’s an excerpt about the end being nigh:

How much are you thinking about the end of the series approaching?

The end seems very near. I started this season, season six, with the idea, all that there is is season seven left. So there were certain things that I was talking about in terms of this season, and I was like I’m going to save that, I’m going to put that into season seven, it’s not time for that yet. And at a certain point [writers] Maria and Andre [Jacquemetton] said to me, “Why are you doing this differently than you did it before?” And they were right. I am incapable of really holding back on story. So despite my inclination and my terrors about it ending and having nothing left, I decided to use everything I have this season that I have right now. It’s worked for the show before. I never used to know if I had another season, so I would always put in everything that I had. There is, an intricacy to the stories that we tell and they’re on a human scale, so the idea of having less is just… I think it would be boring.

Emotionally, I am extremely aware that the end is coming. And there’s been a benefit from that. It has bolstered my fatigue, it’s encouraged me to not repeat myself. All of the creative people here, the cast, the crew, everybody has a different energy coming back. Like, wow, now everybody has gotten to reap some of the benefits of this experience, and if we cannot enjoy it now, there’s no point in doing this.

Any predictions? Was Season 5 the show’s best? Weigh in below …

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