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Rare On-Air Interview: @LOLGOP Is Real, and He’s Spectacular

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Slade Sohmer

By Slade Sohmer on January 9, 2013

Anonymous satirist @LOLGOP, the hero Twitter deserves and needs, joined SiriusXM’s Politics Powered By Twitter on Tuesday to discuss the rise of the right on social media, his own 140-character heroes, why Anthony Weiner ruined it for the political tweeting class and how Sen. Chuck Grassley suddenly morphed into an incomprehensible E.E. Cummings.

There was no doxing — his secret identity remains intact — but co-hosts @SladeHV and @LeeBrenner got @LOLGOP to open up about how he built up his 130,000+ followers and why there’s a difference between hating the idea of Congress and liking your own member of Congress.

Some choice quotes, for the impatient among you:

• On the rise of the right on Twitter: “I do think that the right speaks to themselves very well. They know how to make a joke by just making a reference — you just say TelePrompter and they’ll start laughing. So that works for them. It’s kind of mean-spirited, it borders on cyber-bullying, they pick on somebody, so it’s a very effective tactic …”

• On whether he has a big-time counterpart among conservatives: “I don’t think of myself as the best at this … @BorowitzReport, I’m a fan, @JohnFugelsang’s amazing, of course @RobDelaney, when he was tweeting about politics during the election there was no one funnier than him, you’ve got @AnaMarieCox, who started at Wonkette and now is just a great Twitter presence. There’s no one on the right who has that widespread appeal, that can appeal beyond just people who agree with you, people who follow you just because you’re going to say something interesting.”

• On what he does best: “What I’m most proud of what I do is sharing other people’s good tweets and retweeting the right people and spreading good ideas. Making jokes only go so far. [Newly elected Senator] Elizabeth Warren’s a hero, I happen to have more followers than her account, I love to be able to broadcast her out when I get a chance.”

• On how he built up his follower count: “I was lucky enough … I think @RobDelaney RT’d me accidentally a few times, I think he thought I was the guy who started #KONY2012 … that’s really lucky getting a few RTs. If you don’t have fame, if you don’t have anything going for you besides your wits and your one-finger typing skills, being timely — I think I’m more timely than I am funny, I just happen to be on at the right time and saying the right thing.”

• On the current make-up of Congress: “You’ve got the 9% approval rating and then you got 91% incumbency, which equals 100% cognitive dissonance. People like they’re congressman, they hate the idea of Congress. To me, I wish they would poll the House GOP versus the Senate … Congress is a blanket term that’s so easy to hate, because you’re thinking of the other guy, not your person who agrees with you.”

Listen every day from 6-7 pm ET on SiriusXM’s POTUS 124.

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