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Library Pole Dancing: As If the Librarian Thing Wasn’t Good Enough

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By Jeff Wilber on February 4, 2013

Struggling to appreciate your local library? One Scotland town came up with a clever way that will get you to love your library, and love it hard.

The Mayfield Library in Dalkeith offered free pole dancing lessons Saturday to celebrate Love Your Library Day. After Fifty Shades of Grey, what else is supposed to get you excited about reading? Click the pic for video.

via STV Edinburgh

Though we’re not sure how much reading is involved while swinging around a pole, the idea of library pole dancing was a sensation with locals. In addition to the normal crowd, Love Your Library Day pulled in support from the local police and town council as well.

The day was noted for the pole dancing, but it also offered members and attendees ping pong with books instead of paddles, Scottish dancing and head massages. Love Your Library Day was a family-friendly event … that did not offer the pole dancing lessons to anyone under 16.

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Unfortunately, sticky encyclopedia pages aren’t something that anyone wants, so library pole dancing probably won’t be coming to America any time soon. While we wait to see how it can be bested, check these library gems.

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