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9 Signs of LGBT Progress in 2013

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By Greg Seals on February 20, 2013

Though we’re only two months into 2013, there’s too much positivity and progress not to stop and consider the amazing times in which we live. Forget that anti-gay idiot throwing his dog away for thinking he had a canis homosexus and just reflect for a moment on where we are now.

Half a decade ago, only Massachusetts allowed same-sex couples to marry. This year, Illinois is poised to become the 10th such state with marriage equality (almost halfway there to the number of states that allow cousins to wed!). But there’s so much more — here’s to all the strong strides made socially and culturally so far, and here’s to all the ones to come this year.

1. Yes, bullying still exists, but how about New Jersey High School senior Jacob Rudolph receiving a standing ovation from the entire student body when made the fearless decision to come out at school?

2. The public shaming 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver received after making homophobic remarks before Super Bowl goes to show that not even the hyper-masculine bastion of football is a safe haven for that kind of hate speech. The shaming he endured on the field had to smart as well.

Jacoby Jones, Chris Culliver
AP Photo/Matt Slocum

3. The most handsome form of progress comes care of this West Point cadet and his boyfriend attending a winter formal weekend in the snow.


4. U.S. soccer player Robbie Rogers stepped out of the closet and away from soccer in this brave, heartfelt coming out post just last week. He wasn’t simply met with the support of an LGBT community in desperate need of athlete role models, but he also received an outpouring of support from his former teammates who championed the brave decision.

robbie rogers gay

5. At President Obama’s 2008 inauguration, Rev. Rick Warren remained on the bill despite his history of strident anti-gay rhetoric. But this time around, progress!, we saw the quick withdrawal of Rev. Louie Giglio, who was scheduled to give the benediction at Obama’s second inauguration, after his history of anti-gay sentiments were uncovered.


6. When it comes to articulating LGBT importance in modern society, there is nothing more captivating than this take-off on Dodge Ram’s “God Made a Farmer” commercial called “So God Made a Gay Man.”

7. After verbally assaulting a ref in 2011 with the slur “f**king f*gg*t,” Kobe Bryant’s telling people to delete ‘your gay’ [sic] out of their vocabulary shows just how easy allies can be made and how quickly tolerance can grow.

kobe bryant your gay

8. Though confusing, Jodie Foster turning her Golden Globes acceptance speech into a meta non-coming-out fumble-tacular shined a prime-time spotlight on an A-list actress confident in her sexuality.

70th Annual Golden Globe Awards - Show
AP Photo/NBC, Paul Drinkwater

9. Though most people still associate Mormons with the sad victory of Prop 8 back in 2008, the church is making marked strides towards acceptance. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is now working with Utah’s LGBT leaders to craft a statewide anti-discrimination law.

Gay Marriage

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