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So a Virginia Man Walks Into Kroger With a Semi-Automatic Assault Rifle

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By HVnews on January 28, 2013

Welcome to another addition of Gun Nuts Be Shoppin’. It’s a feature where people express their Second Amendment rights in terrifying ways. For instance, carrying an assault rifle like the ones used in the Newtown, Aurora and Clackamas strapped to your back when making a return at JC Penney.

Today’s addition to guys just trying to give the people a literal gun show gives us this Virginia man who walked into Kroger shortly after 5 p.m. on Sunday with a loaded semi-automatic assault rifle. He initially entered the store unarmed, but decided he just wasn’t getting the attention he wanted, so he went to his car and then reentered the store with his loaded AR-15.

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After responding to 911 calls, police restrained the man, but released him after they confirmed he owned the gun legally, was not a convicted felon, and it was not concealed. Kroger managers have banned the man from the property, so he’ll have to go to Whole Foods to get his pine nuts and kale now.

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