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Kathy Griffin Tries to Fellate Anderson Cooper on CNN NYE

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By HVmedia on January 1, 2013

CNN: The Most Trusted Name in Attention Whoring.

Kathy Griffin’s “I’m gonna rub my bits parts all over the gay guy” schtick is about as fresh as bread made in 2012, but there she is anyway, delightfully paired with CNN’s Anderson Cooper as the ball drops in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. The more Anderson comes out of that glass closet, the more Griffin wants to deep-throat his goods on national television. (The mere sight of Cooper ‘Lady & the Tramping’ a double-ended gummy snake with Bravo buddy Andy Cohen must have made her salivate madly.)

On NYE 2012, while Jenny McCarthy was potentially catching herpes over on ABC, Griffin turned the fame whore dial all the way up to 11 and tried to kiss Cooper’s crotch on CNN’s air. Poor, poor Anderson.

Millions at home were both appalled and totally, totally jealous.

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