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Just a Guy With an AR-15 Rifle Shopping at JC Penney in Utah

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By HVnews on January 18, 2013

Nothing says “Relax, guys, I’m just making a terrifying point” like carrying the same type of semi-automatic rifle used in recent mass shootings — including Newtown, Aurora and Clackamas — over your shoulder at a JC Penney.

Armed Shopper
(AP Photo/Cindy Yorgason)

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Looks like Gun Appreciation Day came early to Utah.

From the Associated Press: “This cell phone photo provided by Cindy Yorgason shows a JC Penney shopper with an assault rifle over his shoulder in Riverdale, Utah, Wednesday, Jan. 16, 2013. Cindy Yorgason said she was trying to exchange an item at the store when she spotted the man and took his photo. The man, identified as 22-year-old Joseph Kelley, says he wanted to demonstrate that the weapons aren’t dangerous when handled by law-abiding citizens. Kelley told The Salt Lake Tribune the rifle was an unloaded AR-15, and he was also carrying a loaded Glock 19c on his hip.”

Armed Shopper
(AP Photo/Cindy Yorgason)

In this all-memes society we’ve cultivated, is he John McClane’ing?

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