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Here’s an Awesome Supercut of John Oliver’s Carlos Danger Chair Dances

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Brett Rosner

By Brett Rosner on August 16, 2013

If this week’s think pieces are any indication, John Oliver crushed it filling in for Jon Stewart on The Daily Show this summer. And much like Matt Cassel or Scott Mitchell, he will likely get a starting job somewhere instead of returning to his bench role behind the franchise quarterback.

While temporarily taking the helm of the The Daily Show, John Oliver has been lucky enough to cover the Anthony Weiner’s sordid tale of sex and technology (sexnology?). Carlos Danger, y’all! And John’s been covering it like a boss: by dancing it out to Mystikal’s 2000 hit “Danger.”

Thankfully, someone supercutted the hell out of it:

Looks like they took it down. We’ll always have this:

Thanks to @DaveLozo and @maddiekuhn1 for the hat tip.

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